Final Renovation Pictures of Lehnhoff Stadium

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By Mark Lieberman

I guess you can say that I have a stadium renovation fetish and I am perfectly OK with that! In 2013 and 2014, I took renovation pictures of Alamo stadium and the Alamo Convocation Center. Those photos were featured in a book by “Texas” Bob McSpadden and they even got me on TV.

There was only one other stadium in San Antonio I even considered photographing if it was ever renovated: Lehnhoff stadium in Schertz, TX. Lehnhoff stadium opened in 1966 and is home to the Clemens Buffaloes and the Steele Knights (who won the 2010 5A Division II State Championship).

The renovation of Lehnhoff stadium started after the final Steele home game last season. It consisted of a new press box, a new scoreboard and a new track.

I have worked a lot of games at Lehnhoff and will miss the ambiance of the old press box, but I am really looking forward to getting inside the new box and can’t wait to work a game there.

Before I share some of my final renovation photos of Lehnhoff stadium with you, check out my slide-show of renovation photos from each of my visits.

You can also see the complete photo album from my final visit on The Statman Speaks Facebook page.

And, now how ’bout some photos:







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