Instant Analysis: 5 thoughts on Dallas 31, Washington 26

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Man, Sean Lee is an animal

Lee doesn’t make very many flashy plays. He does sometimes, like his pick on the two point try. His style is down and dirty, locking down the middle of the field in coverage, making sure that even if opposing receivers catch balls, they don’t make it far afterwards. The veteran is hurt often, but when he’s healthy, he’s the most consistent player on the field.

Dallas’s offensive line is the best in the business

A huge part of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot’s sucess can be traced to the excellence of the Dallas offensive line. Just look at this Zack Martin block.

If you’re a lineman fanatic, that’s essentially pornographic. It’s a picture perfect example of how to drive into the second level and finish a block.

I’m worried about defensive back depth

JJ Wilcox got hurt, and with Morris Claiborne out, there could be some problems down the road, especially with their depth. Washington got back in the game on a busted coverage early in the 4th quarter. If the Cowboys are to survive deep into the playoffs, they’ll need depth.

Dallas is mentally tough

We haven’t been able to say this about the Cowboys in recent years, but they’re playing tough, with a lot of confidence. They don’t get down when people score on them, they score back. They rebound on defense, they don’t panic when the down and distance is huge on offense, and they adjust fast on special teams when a wrinkle is thrown in.

If you were predicting 10 straight at the beginning of the season, you’re either a homer or a liar

I don’t think anyone predicted that Dallas would be this good. 10-1 in a revamped division? That’s an excellent spot to be in as we head into December football in the NFL.


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