Picking The Regional Finals – 1A Division II

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By: TexasHSFootball.com Staff Writers
November 21st, 2016



Region I

Follett – I

Valley – III

Advantage: Valley, three votes to one

Reasoning: This is as close to a push as we’ve had. Both teams can score, but Valley can score just a little bit more.

Region II

Balmorhea – IIII

Grandfalls-Royalty – 0

Advantage: Balmorhea, four votes to none

Reasoning: Balmorhea is nearly unassailable at this point. There’s not much else to be said.

Region III

Crowell – III

Valera Panther Creek – I

Advantage: Crowell, three votes to one

Reasoning: Panther Creek may be undefeated, but Crowell has preformed better against stronger opponents, which we believe makes them a better pick. They’ve beaten Rule and Strawn so far, and have done better against similar opponents.

Region IIII

Richland Springs – IIII

Calvert – 0

Advantage: Richland Springs, four votes to none

Reasoning: Calvert has had a great season, and they’re a great team. However, in football, one team has to win and another has to lose, and it’s nearly impossible to pick against Richland Springs.

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Picking The Regional Finals – 1A Division I

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