QB Suspended for Racial Slur in 2019, Dismissed for an “Illegal Marijuana Substance” in 2020, Suing to Get Back on the Team

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The Bronson McClelland story at Katy is not over yet.

Last year, a video emerged online of McClelland using a racial slur at Whataburger. The story went viral throughout Texas.  At the time, Bronson said,

“I’m not trying to justify my use of the word. I should not be using the word. I haven’t used the word since then.”

He was suspended, but he did rejoin the team this year and was expected to be their starting quarterback.  However, it was reported that he was kicked off the team in September.  The McClelland family said that a police dog found what officers thought was marijuana in his car. The family claims that it was not marijuana but instead some type of CBD product, such as hemp. The family has also said that the substance belonged to McClelland’s brother, though Bronson had previously admitted that it was his, according to Katy.

Then, in October, the family seemed to have announced that he had left Katy and was going to finish school in California.  That is what most outlets reported.  It does now seem he had been required to spend 45 days in an alternative school, but did not leave Texas and was intending to rejoin Katy.

Two days ago, the McClellands held a press conference with Quannell X, who is an activist and the leader of the New Black Panther Nation in Houston.  The press conference was said to show that McClelland has the support of his black teammates. Though, it should be noted that he had already been allowed back on the team after the racial slur incident that had occurred a year ago and that his recent removal from the team was from a separate incident.  The family does not think the incident is separate.

The family believes that the illegal substance incident was retaliation by the school because the family had obtained legal counsel and was demanding an apology and retraction from Katy in regards to the racial slur video.  Katy said that McClelland had posted the video online himself, and the family is arguing that someone else posted the video.  The family also argues that Bronson was singled out and that several players were using the “N” word at the Whataburger, though they do not deny the incident happened.

Adding to the story, the McClelland family said that the police or Katy adequately tested the found substance to see if it had enough THC to be considered a banned substance.

There is a discrepancy in what the family is saying and what Katy ISD has released.  Katy has indicated to multiple outlets that they believe there are inaccuracies being shared by the family and by media and they’ve urged the family to sign off on allowing them to publically release Bronson’s disciplinary record, which they imply will clear up any misunderstanding.

This story probably has another plot twist or two to come.  The family is suing to have McClelland be immediately reinstated.  If reinstated, that would bring up more questions about his eligibility to play and play during the playoffs.  He if could play, and if he is in peak form, he’d certainly increase their chances of making a run at a state title.

Will McClelland be the starting QB for Katy again this season? It is 2020, who knows!


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