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By: Staff Writers
November 13th, 2016

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Editor’s note: We will not be doing rankings this week, as we feel like rankings are useless once the playoffs start. Our four full-time writers will be picking the closest matchups in each region from each division in each classification. Here are our picks for 1A Division 2. 

Region 1

Follett – I

Amherst – III

Advantage: Amherst, 3 picks to 1

Reasoning – Amherst is undefeated, and has been absolutely plowing every single team they’ve faced. Follett is very good, but has som vulnerabilities we feel like Amherst can exploit.

Region 2

Balmorhea – III

Jayton – I

Advantage: Balmorhea, 3 picks to 1

Reasoning: Balmorhea’s perfect and battle-tested, which doesn’t bode well for the Jayhawks. Don’t misunderstand us: Jayton is excellent, but Balmorhea is, well, Balmorhea.

Region 3

Crowell – I

Strawn – III

Advantage: Strawn, 3 picks to 1

Reasoning: Strawn has some extremely good wins on their record, but ultimatley the loss by Crowell to Happy forces us to give Strawn a slight edge. This wasn’t an easy pick at all, but we think Strawn pulls it out.

Region 4

Richland Springs – III

Milford – I

Advantage: Richland Springs, 3 picks to 1

Reasoning: Richland Springs has been one of the most dominating 6-man teams of all time. Milford is excellent, but we feel like Richland Springs has the advantage in this one.

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