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Kyle Spishock @kyleelconqueror
September 27, 2016

1. Houston — Last Week 1 (4-0)
A blowout win over Texas State (64-3) isn’t going to elevate Houston into the CFP conversation. What will raise the Cougar’s stock is quality matchups outside the program. This Saturday sees no. 3 Louisville against no. 5 Clemson and no. 4 Michigan against no. 8 Wisconsin. All Tom Hermans boys have to do is win an easy one against UConn, and ascend into the top five for the weekends AP 25 Week 6 rankings.

2. Texas A&M — Last Week: 2 (4-0)
A&M could be a top-five team in terms of quality wins. The Aggies have been impressive, garnering the W against Arkansas, Auburn, and UCLA. Coach Sumlin started 5-0 the last two seasons, and 5-1 the two before that. After the hot starts, the run defensive usually folds for the opposing offensive backfield, sputtering to a combined 10-13 the last three seasons following the hot start. This years defensive unit – behind inevitable first round draft pick Myles Garrett – has been solid, forcing three critical goal-line stoppages against Arkansas last Saturday.

3. Baylor — Last Week: 3 (4-0)
Off the field Baylor issues are bound for future 30-for-30 documentaries. But former coach Art Briles’ Bears have done their best at ignoring the negativity of external scrutiny; thus far, they are the best team in the Big 12. The defense is the alpha of the Bears success; in four games, they have allowed 13.5 points.

4. TCU — Last Week: 5 (3-1)
In the series Mr. Robot, hacker protagonist Elliot struggles for sanity, his mind often taken over by his deceased father, whom is intent on complete deconstruction of society. You see a similar struggle for mental control with the Horned Frogs, a team that is on the cusp of victory and implosion at any given snap. The bad personality: the Horned Frogs have yet to look consistent in any outing. The good personality: The offense has been on fire the last two games, out scoring opponents 74-23.

5. UT — Last Week: 4 (2-1)
The Longhorns are still in the AP Top 25 as a likely favor to Austin donors with deep pockets. The opening win against Notre Dame was devalued after the Irish lost to Duke Saturday; Coach Kelly’s boys are 1-5 in his last six games. A blowout Week 2 victory against Tulsa does not warrant competitive acclaim.

6. Tech — Last Week: 6 (3-1)
7. UTSA — Last Week: 8 (1-2)
8. UNT — Last Week: 11 (2-2)
9. SMU — Last Week: 7 (2-2)
10. Texas State — Last Week: 9 (1-2)
11. UTEP — Last Week: 10 (1-3)
12. Rice — Last Week: 12 (0-4)

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