In a move that comes off of the heels of former North Shore Running Back, Zach Evans, announcing that he was not going to make his official commitment to the school at last week’s Under Armour Game All-American game; the University of Georgia has released him from his National Letter of Intent with “full release, no restrictions”.

This opens the door up for the nation’s number-one running back to find a new school. LSU and Texas A&M have been linked to the former North Shore ‘back, however, it is anyones guess as to where he will end up playing when the 2020 season starts.

Evans has had a rocky last few weeks. From being sent home before the 6A-1 State Title game against Duncanville, to the canceling of his official announcement, to now being fully released from his letter of intent. It will be interesting to see where this talented running back ends up when the official National Signing day comes around, on February 5th.