2A Division I Playoffs- Picking the State Semifinals

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Photo via Gabe Hernandez, Corpus Christi Caller Times


Region I v Region II

Abernathy – II

Crawford – II

Advantage: Push

Reasoning: Abernathy has won their last three games by a combined seven points, but a win is a win. Crawford has a high powered offense so this one should be a good one.

Region III v Region IV

Centerville –

Refugio – IIII

Advantage: Refugio, four votes to none

Reasoning: Centerville has put up almost 600 points this season so they can light up the scoreboard, but Refugio has only allowed 83 points all year. The Bobcats have also almost scored 700 points this season, so they can also light up the scoreboard.

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2A Division II Playoffs- Picking the State Semifinals

3A Division II Playoffs- Picking the State Semifinals

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