3 Ways to Recover After a Football Game

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Sammy Joseph
August 31, 2016

How do you perform at a high level in week 10, just like you did in week 1?

RECOVERY! … RECOVERY! … and I must say it again RECOVERY!
During the football season, durability is key to having a productive year. Starting a recovery routine after games will set the stage for a healthy season.

After a football game, your body doesn’t know if your team won or lost. What it knows, is that it’s beat up from 4 quarters of football.

Here’s 3 ways to help build the body back up after a game:

1. After a game, don’t be in a rush to fly out of the locker room. If your are the visiting team, don’t hustle to a grab a seat on the bus. Take the time to ice down. If you have access to a cold tub, stop being a baby and jump in! If you don’t, grab an ice bag. All skill guys should ice. I’m talking WR, DBs, anybody that’s running like a gazelle for 4 quarters. And my big guys, get some ice on them shoulders, hands, and whatever is bothering you after the game. In the trenches, there’s a lot of banging.

2. Get some grub! Replenish the body, hydrate as much as you can! For those that don’t take losses well, don’t let it spoil your appetite. Your body will respond better after the game.

3. Get some rest! Relax your nervous system, mentally and physically get ready to start another week of preparing to be great!

These are 3 ways to recuperate after a bruising football game and also ways to increase chances to make more plays and stay healthy throughout the season.
And also these are great habits that will help you develop into a good football player throughout your football journey.


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