4A Division II Playoffs- Picking the State Semifinals

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siege logo 3Region I v Region II

Sweetwater – I

Gilmer – III

Advantage: Gilmer, three votes to one

Reasoning: Will offense or defense prevail? Gilmer has scored close to 100 more points than Sweetwater, but Gilmer has allowed almost 200 points less. Neither team has had a close game yet, but that could change this week.

Region III v Region IV

West Orange-Stark – IIII


Advantage: West Orange-Stark, four votes to none

Reasoning: Four… Four points is what the WOS team is giving up on average per game. Navarro is a great team, and it is easily seen why they are undefeated, but it seems like WOS is on another level. WOS could compete and probably beat 5A and 6A teams.

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3A Division I Playoffs- Picking the State Semifinals

4A Division I Playoffs- Picking The State Semifinals

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Ruth Hancock
Ruth Hancock
3 years ago


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