UIL ushers in 13 new schools during realignment process

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With the 2020-2022 UIL Realignment, we saw schools shift into new classifications, divisions and regions. Some expanded, some rose, some dropped.

There are plenty of people impressed, excited and even disappointed in the realignment.

Regardless of how some feel, 13 new schools experienced all the thrills of realignment for the first time after being inaugurated into the UIL.

Class 5A will see the addition of three brand new schools: Austin Lasa, Katy Jordan and Prosper Rock Hill.

Class 4A will see the addition of four brand new schools: Comal Davenport, El Paso Young Women’s STEAM, Lake Belton and San Antonio Men’s Leadership.

Class 3A will see the addition of three brand new schools: Donna Idea College Prep, Odessa Compass Academy and Vanguard Beethoven.

Class 1A will see the addition of three brand new schools: Texas Leadership of Abilene, Texas Leadership of Arlington and Texas Empowerment Academy.

Both Class 6A and Class 2A won’t be obtaining brand new schools into their classifications, though they did see a few realignment shifts.

You can check out the full Reclassification and Realignment list on UIL’s site- https://realignment.uiltexas.org/.


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