B.J. Hanspard Next Top Tier Student-Athlete from Desoto

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July 28, 2016

There seems to be a reoccurring theme that most conversations turn to when discussing the upcoming Texas high school football season; the DeSoto Eagles are full of talent this year.

Many have grown familiar with the names of Shawn Robinson and Edward Ingram just to name a few of the elite talent headlining their recruiting class, but right behind them in the recruiting trail is another relatively young talent ready to make a name for himself.

B.J. Hanspard, a DeSoto High School 2018 wide receiver has already gathered together a respectable portfolio of three Power 5 school offers and the attention of other FBS programs.

Hanspard as a 6-foot, 170-pound receiver has offers from Arkansas, Texas Tech and Colorado even though the only game he has started was in DeSoto’s playoff game against Coppell. He was moved up to the varsity squad for the second to last game of the season after a successful junior varsity campaign during the year.

His three offers will more than likely add up as the season progresses as he has also received letters of interest from Boston College and both Oklahoma State and Notre Dame have shown interest.

According to 247Sports he has an 86 overall rating and is a 3-star caliber player. Hanspard has yet to take any unofficial visits as he has averted his attention to helping out his current team. It should be noted that Hanspard is the son of former Texas Tech running back Byron Hanspard and though he has kept the college recruiting process at bay, Tech seems to be at the forefront of Haspard’s interest.

“I haven’t really talked to any of the coaches face to face about the potential they see in me, but Emmet Jones at Texas Tech tells me to keep working every day,” Hansard told Today’s U Sports “There’s nothing you can’t achieve if you put your mind to it. Stay humble and the Lord will exalt you.”

Though he is a talented football player, football will not be the main factor when it comes to making his future decisions.

“I’m not going to go to school based on football.” Hansard told Today’s U Sports. “I’m going to school based on my college major. If football does not work out and that doesn’t factor in with the plan God has for me, then I still want to have a degree from one of the top colleges that serves me best, so I’ll have what I need to be successful in life, if football doesn’t work out.”

This demeanor from a young athlete on the DeSoto Eagles should come as no surprise as it has been documented in a previous article written on how Coach Todd Peterman and his staff do everything they can to ensure the academic success of their players. And with the amount of college recruits this team seems to just continuously produce, it shows.

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