10 Best Texas Tweets Leading up to Super Bowl LII

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Photo: David Mercer/USA TODAY Sports

A Super Bowl LII matchup containing more than a dozen former Texas stars is 24 hours away and on the horizon but social media has been buzzing all week.

Here are the 10 funniest and most engaging tweets TexasHSFootball found about the battle of Texas talents and the 52nd installment of the National Football League’s preeminent game:

1. From Dallas St. Mark to Minnesota

2. Republican or Democrat?

3. BAM, like that! From rejected to rejoiced

4. From Haltom to TCU to Super Bowl

5. Amendola might literally be the biggest thing in Texas (tie)

6. Rocky (Foles) vs. the Russian (Brady)

7. The new ‘Jaws?’

8. Back to the Future

9. Babies may not like the matchup

10. Texas could have another Super Bowl Champion quarterback

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