Calling The West Orange-Stark Defense Dominant May Be An Understatement

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As dominant as West Orange-Stark has been the past two seasons, and as much hype and praise the team has been getting it could still very well be understated just how good this team actually is. It’s hard to undersell a team that has eight shutouts.

Last season the Mustangs went 15-1 on their way to winning the state title over Celina 28-3 in Houston. The defense was great, only allowing 168 points all season, but to take a page from Kanye West “2016 West Orange-Stark defense has one of the best teams of all time. One of the best teams of all time!”

This outstanding Mustangs team didn’t give up a point until the fifth game of the year, and the defense didn’t even allow them when the Mustangs beat Silsbee 51-2. The Mustangs defense has only allowed 63 points all year, opposing offenses are averaging just 4.2 points per game against them.

WO-S has made it look easy this year; their closest game was the 45-21 win over Kennedale, way back in their sixth game of the season. The offense has been the benefactor of the suffocating defense. Led by quarterback Jack Dallas, running back Jeremiah Shaw, and wide out Kentavious Miller, The Mustang offense can definitely ball. .

The offense doesn’t have the most eye-popping stats in the yardage department, but that’s partially due to the positions the defense has set them up in. The efficiency is what should be taken note of; the rushing game is averaging close to nine yards a carry and the passing game is even better at 16 yards per game.

West Orange-Stark’s dominance was evident last week against Geronimo Navarro. The Mustangs “Chain Gang” defense held Navarro’s offense to 32 yards in the first half while the Mustangs piled up 35 points before the break.

This run of excellent defense has been unmatched at the 4A level. For example, the team the Mustangs are playing for the state title is Sweetwater, and every game they have won has been by double digits, but they have still allowed over 240 points. Any way you look at the West Orange-Stark defense the past two seasons, it has been nothing short of amazing.


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