Cowboys Content To Develop Young QBs Over Pursuing Veteran Backup

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Stephen Jones announced that youth is served at the Cowboys‘ backup quarterback position going forward.

“Cincinnati last year had a really solid football team. You look at what they did with A.J. [mcCarron], a fifth-round pick out of the SEC and he came in and had every opportunity and, nothing to do with him, had a chance to win a playoff game for them,” Jones said. “So, at some point you’ve got to commit your resources to getting your young guys ready or you’re always in that mode of older, veteran guys.”

“They developed him,” Jones said. “He really played well for the Bengals in Cincinnati, and we’ve got to do the same thing.”

Asked if he was interested in pursuing a more experienced option, such as recently-released Rams quarterback Nick Foles, team owner/general manager Jerry Jones didn’t mince any words.

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