Dallas Defense Takes Care Of Business Against Kansas City

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Photo: Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports

Oh, have the mighty fallen. After a 5-0 start, the Kansas City Chiefs have lost three of their last four games. The latest, to the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington.

Ezekiel Elliott, who is teetering on a possible suspension, had yet another stellar game, just missing 100 yards for the fourth-straight game. The Dallas defense, though, was the ultimate Chief-killer.

Despite being No. 31 in the league in sacks this year, Dallas was able to pressure Alex Smith into many errant passes. One was Smiths’ first interception of the season, a pass Cowboy safety Jeff Heath was on the receiving end on.

Other than a 56-yard “Hill Mary” from Smith-to-Hill to end the first half, the Chiefs quarterback looked quite average. The Cowboys defense did so by pressuring Smith three times, hitting him another three times and bringing him down twice.

The Chiefs, usually able to rely on rookie sensation Kareem Hunt, had arguably his worst game as a pro. Hunt carried the ball nine times for 37 yards and had 24 yards through the air. Sunday was the third time Hunt had less than 50 rushing yards, all in the last four weeks.

At 5-3, the Cowboys look forward to a possible win next week as well. Atlanta, 4-4, have not looked like the Super Bowl squad it was last year. With four of the Falcons last five games being losses, the Cowboys will look to get closer to the Philadelphia Eagles.


Zeke may miss the next six weeks, he may also find a way to continue pushing off this suspension. One thing is clear, this Dallas team relies on him. If Zeke is out, it could possibly win a few games and squeak into the playoffs. But for Dallas, it’s better for Zeke to start missing games now, because soon, the six game suspension would start to mean missing postseason games.

Tony Romo

Tony Romo was honored tonight as he was calling the game. For Dallas, he’s one of the best quarterbacks in history. That’s saying something, with the history Dallas has behind center. He doesn’t have all the rings of Troy Aikman, but he did not have the teams. Here’s the video Dallas shared.

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