DeSoto ISD Votes “No Action” On Todd Peterman’s Contract

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One of the strangest stories in this year’s offseason broke last afternoon and culminated at 11:34 PM Central time. According to various reports, the DeSoto ISD board was going to vote to not renew head coach Todd Peterman’s contract, essentially firing him.

The news broke around an hour and a half before the board meeting, so there was time for those opposed to the non-renewal to gather at the meeting to voice their displeasure with the move. There were allegations that members of the board were planning to vote Peterman out because he was white, but those rumors have mostly been quelled for now.

DeSoto ISD voted “No Action” on Peterman, which means that they will reconvene at a later time to decide the state championship winning coach’s fate.

Last year was Peterman’s second season as DeSoto’s head coach. Before that, he was their offensive coordinator for seven years.

UPDATE: Late Monday night, DeSoto ISD board president Carl Sherman Jr. released the following statement to WFAA. In the statement, Sherman denies the rumors that race had a factor into the decision making process.



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Harry Wellman
Harry Wellman
3 years ago

Good insight into school board politics – unfortunately recently when we got the insight someone was thrown out because of factors beyond their control. If. this is race is the issue again.

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