Dripping Springs Football: Building A Winning Tradition

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Photos By Shari Schmok @ DrippingSpringsPhotography.com

Last Friday Night the small town of Dripping Springs was eerily still and quiet which is not typical these days. No one was out, other than the gas pump rush from the fear of a gas shortage from Hurricane Harvey damage, everyone else was at home eagerly awaiting the season opener for DSHS Tiger football. Due to the hurricane Dripping Springs regularly scheduled game last Friday night was moved to Saturday afternoon to accommodate the needs of Bastrop’s players and staff who were recovering from storm damage.

Photos By Shari Schmok

Historically, Dripping Springs wouldn’t be considered what you call a powerhouse team, or even a threat on the schedule for that matter.  Times have certainly changed. 

Under the head coaching of coach Galen Zimmerman, change is in the air and It’s felt on the team and in the community. 

Photos By Shari Schmok

Over the last few years Dripping Springs has gone from a little sleepy country town to a bustling suburb of Austin. Today Dripping Springs high school football stands as the crown jewel of this growing city.  A few years ago Dripping Springs football was barely an afterthought for most of their opponents. Truth be told, even the people of Drip didn’t really think about Dripping Springs football. When asked how the sports were at the high school the typical answer was, “the girls volleyball team is amazing”.  Things have certainly changed.  Coach Zimmerman and his staff have breathed life into this team and community. 

Photos By Shari Schmok

To demonstrate the turn around let me take you back.  Coach Zimmerman took over a team with a serious losing streak.  In 2012 they were 3 – 7, 2013/ 2 – 8, 2014/ 3 – 7. Coach Zimmerman was awarded the job in 2015 and the impact was felt from the start.  Since coach Zimmerman has had the reigns the Tigers have been 5 – 5 and 12 -2 with a 2017 opening game  thrashing of Bastrop last Saturday with a final score of 55-21.  Two of Bastrop’s touchdowns came in the fourth quarter after several of Dripping Springs starters were brought out of the game.

Coach Zimmerman knows that if he is going to build a winning tradition he needed more than a great playbook and tough players. He’s a coach that understands whole heartedly that to build a winning tradition you need to reach out to the community and younger generations of players to win hearts and minds early.  Coach Z and his staff spend countless hours with youth players in the area and the kids love it, and look forward to the day they have their shot to enter that stadium as a Dripping Springs Tiger.

Setting The Stage

Speaking with coach Zimmerman and his staff you quickly learn that they have their sites set high for their players as young men in their community, and as a team on the field.  There’s no doubt that this journey for coach Zimmerman and his staff has just begun, and they have their work cut out for them…but the future looks bright!

Photos By Shari Schmok

Last year the Tigers  made their first ever appearance in the playoffs. They suffered a heartbreaking 51-28 loss to Richmond Foster in the Class 5A Division I quarterfinal game. Foster jumped out quick in this game to a 34-0 lead in the second quarter and all seemed lost.  Then the Tigers showed what kind of players they are and battled back to 37-28 in the third with a tremendous effort on both sides of the ball.  Foster answered back with a couple quick scores in the fourth that eventually ended the Tigers 2016 season.

It’s New Day For Dripping Springs Football

That loss to Foster sits heavy in the minds of these players. With lessons learned and a new season underway the expectation this year is for the Tigers to be in Dallas Cowboys Stadium this December to take home the first State Championship in school history.  Coach Zimmerman will quickly tell you that its the goal for every team to be state champs, and that all he’s concerned with is the next game.  After all, it’s the canned line all coaches need to have to stay focused on the task at hand…right? However, if you ask any Dripping Springs Tigers fan they’ll quickly tell you, “this is the year”.

Fair warning to Dripping Springs opponents this year, this IS a brand new day for the Tigers.  On offense the Tigers are being led by senior QB Trevor Greenman (#4), and senior offensive tackle (#55) Lantz Milam (6’3.5”, 290 lbs) who posses the size, strength and skill to be a D1 college player. On Defense we also saw some outstanding play from hard hitting junior Linebacker, Trevor Prewitt (#14).  

Left Tackle Lantz Milam, Photos By Shari Schmok

Tonight the Dripping Springs Tigers (1-0) visit the Vista Ridge Rangers (1-0) kickoff at 7:30.   

Go Tigers!



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