Five Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Football Camps

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Football camp season is here and will continue throughout the summer. With so much information being flooded into parent’s inboxes and countless companies pitching their camp as the best, what is a parent to do? We’ll make this process a little easier by pointing out some key things you should be looking for before you spend your hard earned money.

First, find out who’s actually coaching the camp. Camp companies big and small will tell you they have the best coaches. Often times, these companies will tell you about some “guest” coach that may or may not appear at your child’s particular camp. You should definitely be looking for a camp that has a regular staff of coaches with Division 1 college coaching experience or NFL coaching or playing experience.

Is your local high school coach throwing a camp? If your local high school coach is throwing a camp you should do everything in your power to attend that camp. Attending this camp helps your local high school coach get to know you and build on continuity and tradition in your hometown. It also can brand you as a leader in your school’s community and strengthen the bond between you and your teammates.

Did you get invited to a college camp? If you got a special invitation to a college camp, it’s in your best interest to contact that coach and find out why they have invited you. If they tell you they want to get to know you as an athlete and are considering you in any way for a roster spot, go to that camp— especially if that school is on your list.

Choosing a camp to attend might be the only time in your football career when it’s not about team. You need to choose a camp that is going to give you the best opportunity to improve on your own game. Don’t choose a camp based on what your friends are doing.

In my personal experience, I don’t believe there is a better “bang for your buck” than FBU camps. I’m not just saying this because they are an advertising partner of ours; I’m saying this because I truly believe they have the best football camps in the nation. As I look through their camp coaching roster, I see countless coaches on their staff that I either played against or coached by one of them in the NFL.

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