Franklin Is Looking For A Second Shot Against Rockdale

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By: Hunter Cooke
October 25th, 2016


The Franklin Lions are ranked in every single 3A poll that’s out. The sole blemish on their record is a loss to Cameron Yoe, a 42-38 instant classic that came down to the wire. Outside of that, the Lions have been bludgeoning people with their old school, speedily set triple option offense. Their boast is in points, and boy do the Lions put them up.

That loss to Cameron Yoe put them on the outside looking in for the district title. Cameron Yoe’s loss to Rockdale put them back in the hunt. The obstacle this week? Beating that Rockdale team, the one that put up 80 points on Cameron Yoe in a beatdown.

Rockdale dropped a head-scratcher earlier in the season to the Taylor Ducks, but have been incredibly consistent since then. They’re a little exposed on defense as well, but that could also be due to the caliber of offenses they’ve faced. Their spread look uses a lot of the same fundamentals as Franklin’s under center option offense, just utilized with wide receivers instead of tight ends and fullbacks.

A Franklin win sets the head to head portion of a tiebreaker into a three-way spin, one that will likely be decided by the points scored, or something ridiculous like that.

There’s a very real chance that this one could come down to whoever has the ball last. Both offenses are extremely prolific, consistently putting up 40 or more points per game. The only certainty in this game is the certainty of offensive fireworks. After that, nothing is off the table for these two teams.


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