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The Importance of Good Coach-Athlete Communication

By Ryan White
July 11, 2016


The more time I spend as an educator of athletes, the more I realize how precise I need to be with my words. I believe that the use of our words is one of the most important attributes to a good coach.

As a result, athletes respond faster and make proper adjustments during sessions.  It also allows us to connect on a personal level with each individual athlete.

In the world of training, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the programming.  Making sure there is progress in the gym.  Injuries are lowering.  Strength is increasing.  100 things to think about.  Coaches and kids alike need to understand the importance of communication.

Being a wordsmith in your training sessions should be a top priority.  We are in the business of improving athleticism, but we are also teachers and we are in the people business too.  We can’t do our jobs as coaches if we don’t effectively communicate.

The next time you are on the floor during a session, pay attention to the words that you are using when you send a message.  Be as precise as possible and establish a connection with your athlete.  You will see progress across the board, and results will surely follow!


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