Importance of Recovery in Strength Training

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By Trey Yocum
July 23, 2016


When training for strength, more is not always better. Our bodies adapt to the stimuli that they receive. Our bodies do not know the end goal. As intensity of the exercise increases, volume has to decrease. If training volume remains to high, training intensity will not be able to remain as high.

It is also necessary to allow for adequate rest. When training with loads greater than or equal to 85% of an athletes max, the athlete will need time to recover. This is the case between training sessions, as well as between sets and repetitions.

The most under-appreciated part of recovery with youth athletes are nutrition and sleep habits. Youth athletes handle large amounts of stress from not only athletics. They undertake many other stresses outside of a coach’s control. These include academics, social, and home life.

As coaches, we need to encourage good habits. This will not only help our athletes to recover faster. It will prolong their careers!


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