Instant Analysis: 5 thoughts on LSU 54, Texas A&M 39

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There’s no way Kevin Sumlin keeps his job, right?

It’s been four straight years of this for the Aggies. Four straight years of great starts, then completely and totally falling apart down the stretch. With the way that A&M fans are, I don’t really see a way that he keeps his job, especially with the way he lost. He gave up 50+ points to LSU, a team that is nationally mocked for its inept offense. His own juggernaut offensive unit wasn’t enough to pull them out either.

It doesn’t matter whether he gets fired after the bowl game, before the bowl game, or next season. I guarantee you that this was the last straw for a fair amount of fans.

There’s some talent in Aggieland

Man, if there’s one thing that Kevin Sumlin can do, it’s recruit speed. Every single one of their wideouts and running backs have serious burners. It’s all about getting them in space, and they just couldn’t do it against an LSU defense that’s really fast in their own right.

There’s no excuse for how bad A&M’s run defense was. 

Look at this play. Just look at it.

Missed tackles, players getting blown off the ball, no gap integrity, nothing. You can’t miss the fundamentals this bad and expect to hang with good teams.

LSU’s game plan deleted the advantage A&M’s DL had

There were so many plays where A&M was schemed out by misdirection plays that it wasn’t funny. The A&M DL could’ve played back into them better, but LSU still schemed them out well.

This was a game dominated by narratives that had nothing to do with play on the field. 

Tom Herman is the talk of Texas tonight, and no one knows where he’ll go. I’m partial to Ed Orgeron at LSU, but if they could swing Herman, it would be an absolute steal.


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