Instant Analysis: Gunter 43, Boling 7

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Gunter didn’t let up all night. 

One of the biggest keys to a Gunter victory was making Vernon Jackson and Boling play from behind, to force them away from the run game. They did just that and more, scoring touchdown after touchdown and keeping the ball away from Boling. There was just not enough in the tank for Boling. It’s not to say that Boling didn’t give effort, but that Gunter just went above and beyond.

Gunter owned the B and C gaps. 

A huge part of that run game was Trey Carr and Colson Stovall hitting the off tackle runs, and hit them they did. The quick hitting option attack simply happened too fast for Boling to get their size in the gaps, and Gunter took advantage.

The big runs were punctuated by excellent downfield blocking as well. There’s an imaginary MVP trophy for Daylan Bower for the paths he laid for Colson Stovall and Trey Carr.

Vernon Jackson never really got going. 

A huge part of Boling’s offense is getting Jackson in open space, and he was never really allowed to do so by a quality Gunter defense. They crashed the A gaps and set a strong edge, giving Jackson nowhere to run. Boling is a great team, you don’t get to this point by not being a great team, but Gunter was all over them, giving them nowhere to go with the ball.

Hats off to the Gunter defense, the heroes of the night. 

That was the most complete defensive game we’ve seen all night. Jake Fieszel and his staff executed a near flawless gameplan to contain Vernon Jackson, and it worked to perfection. Boling needed special teams to score, their offense didn’t see the end zone all night.


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