Judson ‘Rockets’ Past Clemens In Second Half

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Photo: Mo Ortega/TexasHSFootball

SCHERTZ, Texas – After a huge win against district rival Clemens without its star player, you can believe it’s a good day to be a Judson Rocket.

The build-up for the game between Judson (8-0, 5-0) and Clemens (7-1, 4-1), was huge, as fans from all over the area packed the stadium Friday night. The game itself lived up to the hype.

Running back Sincere McCormick took the snaps for Judson Friday, as he and Jav Miller ran an option offense to near perfection on the way to a 31-14 victory.

After a slow first quarter ending in a 7-7 tie, the second quarter looked to pick up the pace. McCormick sprinted into the end zone from six yards out, plowing Clemens defenders in to take a 14-7 lead.

The Clemens offense, however, began to look stale. As it could not find an answer for the defensive front of the Rockets.

Even running back Marshawn Brown couldn’t find many yards, other than his 47-yard touchdown in the first. Judson coach Sean McAuliffe was extremely proud of his defense following the win.

Clemens RB Marshawn Brown jets past the Rockets for a 47-yard score. (Moe Ortega/TexasHSFootball)

“I think it proves when we play hard and we line up correctly and we do the techniques that we’re taught day-in and day-out, we got a chance to play with some really good teams,” McAuliffe said. “[Clemens] Coach [Jared] Johnston and his staff do a great job and that’s a great running back and we were fortunate tonight that the cards kind of worked a little bit more on the table for us. Sky’s the limit I think.

That isn’t to say the Rocket offense was better, despite what the final score says. However, not having star quarterback Julon Williams did put a damper on things. But his team showed up.

Judson RB Jay Miller pushes one in for the score.(Moe Ortega/TexasHSFootball)

“A lot of kids that believe man, it shows they are going to play hard for each other and at the end of the day they care and love each other,” McAuliffe said. “That’s what we preach to them in the locker room and that’s what these things really about for about 40 years now and I’m just fortunate to be a part of it, I’m really happy for them.”

The second half was a much better show if you’re a Rocket fan. The Rocket defense stumped the Clemens offense on all but one drive, and picked off Clemens twice. The more impressive feat? Both picks were from a guy who hasn’t always started, senior Tvria Adair.

Adair grabbed his first interception with Clemens threatening and another as they began a new drive, both leading to Judson scores. After the game, Adair was given “The Chain” that he and his teammates work for each week.

“It feels amazing, I just want to do it again and again and again,” Adair said. “I don’t want to take it off.”

Next Up

Judson will suit up once more next week as they face Smithson Valley on November 3.




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