Look Good, Feel Good. 3 Tips Every Man Should Follow.

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“Clothes don’t make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job.”       —Herbert Harold Vreeland, Academic

As Christmas nears and the high school football season comes to a close there will be a few occasions for men (and young men) to dress up.

Here are 4 simple steps for Every guy to follow to add a little style to their attire.

Wether it is a party, recruiting trip, banquet, gala, interview or just wanting to make a good impression. Any time you need to leave a lasting impression the first step is looking sharp. I spoke to the stylist at Gatsby’s in Austin,TX for some tips.

“Every man should have a sports coat, good pair of jeans and an accessory piece to add their personality.”

Sports coat

1. Nothing makes more of an impression than a well fitted sports coat. Wether with a tee and jean or a full suit, a sports coat always adds style. A versatile sports coat paired with slacks or a nice pair of jeans is a must. The most important part of picking the sports coat is the fit. Nothing is worse than a jacket that hangs wrong. Find a clothier who can fit you and tailor your jacket.

“Every Gatsby has an on-site Taylor and stylist available to walk you through the process”.


2. Simplicity is key. We are not all Ezekiel Elliot. His brand of funky flair works for him but most men should stick to the rule of “keep it simple”. Don’t over think it. Think of all the well dressed men throughout time. They all have one thing  in common,  Simplicity of style.


3. Many men cringe at the idea of Jeans. They remember the old uncomfortable tight jeans of the past. Especially athletes who are used to loose athletic shorts and stretchy uniforms. The idea of wearing jeans might as well be torture. Never fear, jeans have changed. They are comfortable and stretchy. New fabrics and techniques have changed the denim game. Once you feel a pair of nice jeans you will never want to take them off. Just like the sports coat, the fit is important.


4. One accent piece. This is your moment to let your personality shine through. Your accent piece can be a tie, scarf, funky socks, lapel pin, jewelry etc.

Since most men don’t like shopping or even know where to begin, finding the right store is important. At Gatsby’s they have a personal stylist on hand to do the heavy lifting for you. Let them know the occasion or what you think you want and sit back and relax, they will do the rest. Literally sit in their lounge and have a drink while they pull your items. They will then make sure all items fit you perfectly with their in house tailor.

Gatsby’s has teamed up with us for an awesome giveaway this Christmas season. They are giving away an entire outfit personally styled for you worth $1200 and a Southern Tide YETI cooler  ($400). That’s a $1600 gift!

To enter simply go to one of their locations and sign up at the register.  Imagine a $1200 clothing makeover for you or someone you love this Christmas! Find a location near you by clicking here.

Click HERE to learn more about the giveaway!


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