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The defending 1A Division I champions, Borden County, only lost one game last season- to Calvert. This year’s rematch was expected to be a nail-biting battle of titans, but it quickly became obvious that the Coyotes intended to redeem themselves for last season’s loss to the Trojans. Borden County came out on top by a score of 62-0.

Head coach Trey Richey said “Last year we were gassed in the 2nd half. That’s my fault. I didn’t have us ready. After that game, we started running gassers for every quarter missed. You saw it today.”

Those gassers seem to be working- rather than looking tired late in the 2nd quarter, Borden County never slowed down. Calvert did move the ball down field a few times, but we’re never able to find the end zone.

Calvert head coach Chris Bennett had this to say- “Borden County is a well disciplined juggernaut that will contend for another state title. Trace Richey, the coaches son, is like having a coach on the field. Plus he is a great athlete.” I couldn’t agree more. Everyone else on Borden County’s schedule will have to step up their game if they want a chance to win- this isn’t your average high school football team.

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