Picking the Regional Semifinals – 3A Division I

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November 21st, 2016



Region I

Littlefield – 0

Wall – IIII

Advantage: Wall, four votes to none

Reasoning: Wall has struggled at points during this season, but has absolutely come alive during the playoffs.

Brock – IIII

Muleshoe – 0

Advantage: Brock, four votes to none

Reasoning: Brock has been ridiculously dominant all year long. There’s no data point that doesn’t point to them winning this game.

Region II

Pottsboro – I

Farmersville – III

Advantage: Farmersville, three votes to one

Reasoning: It’s hard not to see Farmersville riding high in this one after their shocking upset of Sunnyvale last week.

Mineola – II

Howe – II

Advantage: Push

Reasoning: We feel like Howe has the defensive prowess to make this an extremely close game. They’ve been outstanding outside of a season-opening loss to Gunter.

Region III

Malakoff – III

Rockdale – I

Advantage: Malakoff, three votes to one

Reasoning: This is a really close one. It doesn’t go to a push because of how well Malakoff has been playing, but there is some definite potential for a close game here.

Cameron Yoe – IIII

Teague – 0

Advantage: Cameron Yoe, four votes to none

Reasoning: Cameron Yoe is just a tough out in the playoffs. They have the pedigree and experience, which should help them get past Teague.

Region IIII

Rice Consolidated –0

Hallettsville – IIII

Advantage: Hallettsville, four votes to none

Reasoning: The Brahmas have been excellent this season, and we don’t see the Raiders from Rice Consolidated slowing them down.

Goliad – III

Yoakum – I

Advantage: Goliad, three votes to one

Reasoning: An excellent win over George West in the regular season and a competitive pre-district schedule give us reason to believe that Goliad is more battle-tested than Yoakum is.

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