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Player Spotlight: Brad Jackson, Cypress Creek

Brad Jackson

School: Cypress Creek High School

Position: QB

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 165lbs

2020 Season Stats:  2,187 yards and 20 touchdowns, 64% completion in 8 games

What was the highlight of your 2020 Season?

My biggest highlight of this last season had to be leading my team to the playoffs as a freshman and it was a really cool experience for me and my team.


Who was the best player on an opposing team that you played against?

The best player I played against had to of been Jaydon Blue who is currently committed to UT and I instantly noticed his talent and raw speed as he dominated every offensive snap.


Who is your favorite NFL player?

My favorite player in the NFL is Aaron Rodgers because he was the person that inspired me to play football and I love the way he throws the ball so effortlessly.


What is your favorite sport or activity besides football?

My favorite sport other than football has to be basketball. This past year I made the Jv team and I love to shoot around and play pickup games with my friends and it gets my mind off football when I need a break.


What is your favorite subject in school?

Favorite subject in school has to be math because I find very satisfying when I’m able to put a whole equation in and combine numbers and then get the one correct answer


Name Names – Which Teammate would win:

A.  a  Madden tournament?

One of my senior teammates Brazos Gadler had an impact on me from the beginning and was hands down the fastest dude on our team. He was the #1 receiver in the district no match for anybody when it came down to forty times and he was a special talent as he graduates this year.

B.  a Dance-Off competition?

The dude to win a dance battle on our team would have to be our senior running back Khalil Watts or we call him TK and I just remember every time at practice when had music going he was always busting out moves and the team would be hyping him up and we’d all just be having a good time.

C. a game of Jeopardy?

Out of all the dudes on our team, Connor Cook, who was apart of the starting defensive line  was among 25 finalists named for the Touchdown Club of Houston’s 2020 High School Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award and would crush anybody in a game of Jeopardy.


Why do you love football?

One thing that keeps my love for football is seeing the constant improvement of me and my teammates and my goal is to get better every time I step on the field and one day I want to be named one of the best.


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by KP Kelly, Kevin Kelly, K.P. Kelly



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