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Player Spotlight: Mabrey Mettauer, The Woodlands High School

Mabrey Mettauer

The Woodlands High School

Position: QB

6’5″, 215 Lbs


What was the highlight of your 2020 Season?

My second game on varsity was against Grand Oaks and it was still a pretty close game when Coach Rapp and Smith surprised me by putting me in early in the 3rd quarter. My first ever pass on varsity was a 54 yard ball in the air for a touchdown to Cade Moore. I had a few other plays that night and overall went 6/6 for 126 yards and ran the ball for over another 100.  I was so pumped that they trusted me to come in and do that!

Who was the best player on an opposing team that you played against?

Cody Mladenka from College Park last year. He’s an awesome TE committed to Baylor who torched us.   During 7v7 this spring, it was easily Connor Weigman from Bridgeland.  Can’t wait to play him in our third game of the season. It will be lit!!

Who is your favorite NFL player?

Tom Brady.  Even though I run the ball a lot, I try to model my approach to the game like he does.  


What is your favorite sport or activity besides football?

Basketball. I love to dunk and rebound. Also swatting balls and making cool passes is a lot of fun, too 

What is your favorite subject in school?

Math. Numbers and patterns just make sense. 

Name Names – Which Teammate would win:

A.  a Madden tournament?

Charlie Pollard. He’s on my 7v7 team and can literally play any position, too!

B.  a Dance-Off competition?

Martell Harris. LB for us. Committed to A&M. Hands down!

C. 40-yard dash challenge?

Bryce Cooper.  He’s in the same class as I am. He’s a burner and receiver. 

D. a Bench Press challenge?

Cross Tucker.  My cousin.  He also is OL for me this year

E. a game of Jeopardy?



Why do you love football?

I love how you meet some of your best friends and how it has helped me grow in a closer relationship with God.  I like the ball in my hands and having control of the game! I’ve come a long way in a year…  God, setting goals, and hard work are the reasons for my growth in the game.


Learn more about Mabrey here:

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