Playoff Scenarios for El Paso Area Teams

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District 1-6A

Who’s in? Montwood, Pebble Hills, El Dorado and Coronado

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After their close 49-46 win, Montwood took their back-to-back district championship in a thrilling battle against up-and-coming 1-6A team Pebble Hills. They now clinched the top playoff spot in 1-6A and even clinched a first-round home field advantage come Nov. 17.

Pebble Hills, on the other hand, is still vying for the second place spot. Even though they’ve only lost a game, this week’s game between them and El Dorado will decide who gets the second place spot. It will be a battle of the Torres brothers as Pebble Hills head coach Mark Torres and El Dorado head coach Ruben Torres will square off against each other.

Then comes Coronado, who inched their way into the playoffs last week with an impressive 35-28 win against their long-time rivals Franklin. Despite who wins in the Pebble Hills-El Dorado game, Coronado will be the last slot for the 1-6A playoffs.

Who’s out? Franklin, Americas

El Paso Franklin running back Seth Dominguez celebrates a touchdown in the first quarter of their game against El Paso Coronado. (Photo: Adrian Broaddus/

With their heartbreaking loss late in the West Side Bowl game to Coronado, Franklin’s season has been put to a close. They had hard losses to Montwood, Pebble Hills and El Dorado as well.

Americas’ only hope for a playoff spot was shot on Thursday as well when El Dorado defeated them 42-10 and when Coronado beat Franklin.

District 2-5A

Who’s in? Del Valle, Eastlake and Parkland

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Del Valle, Eastlake and Parkland are in the driver’s spot as the no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3 spots in the playoffs, respectively. Although it’s fuzzy to see who Del Valle will play, Eastlake will more than likely take on Burges in the first round of the playoffs and Parkland will play the loser of Andress and Chapin.

With their 39-17 win over Hanks, Del Valle is one of just four teams in the city who are undefeated.

On the bubble: Bel Air and Canutillo

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Canutillo has had one of the most roller coaster seasons this year. They had big wins against non-district opponents Socorro and Coronado, but had significant losses to district opponents, such as Parkland and Bel Air.

Now, Bel Air, who has the district advantage, is in control of their own destiny. A win against Ysleta will give Bel Air a playoff spot in 2-5A.

In order for Canutillo to get in the playoffs, they would have to hope Bel Air loses and they defeat Eastlake this week.

District 1-5A

Who’s in? Chapin, Andress, Burges

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This weekend for the second consecutive week, will be a district championship battle between no. 1 and no. 2. Andress is at the top of the district with a 6-0 district record.

Chapin struggled with Burges last week and barely slipped away with a 27-24 win, compared to Andress’ 51-7 victory over Burges two weeks ago.

Even though they lost to Chapin, Burges’ 4-2 district record is just enough to lock them in for the playoffs.

On the bubble: El Paso High, Irvin, Bowie, Austin and Jefferson

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A week ago the fourth place spot for 1-5A seemed very clear with Bowie’s close win over Austin. However, Irvin’s shocking win over Bowie helps keep them still in contention and El Paso High’s odd loss to Jefferson stirred everything out of whack.

So here’s a few scenarios on what can happen for the last spot:

Bowie makes the playoffs if they win over Jefferson and Irvin loses to Austin. If Irvin wins, Burges beats El Paso High and Bowie loses to Jefferson, then Irvin goes to the playoffs.

For El Paso High to make it, they would have to hope Bowie and Irvin lose, and they upset Burges.

But then it gets messy.

If somehow all Bowie, El Paso High and Irvin lose this weekend, which is probable, then it would be a very unusual five-way tie between Bowie, El Paso High, Irvin, Jefferson and Austin, assuming Jefferson and Austin both win their respectable games.

It’s all chaos for the last seed.

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