How To Take Your Game To The Next Level: Introducing PLEX

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For over 15 years Plex has been recognized as the industry leader in human performance offering the highest level of integrated and innovative sports training & sports medicine for anyone regardless of age, sport or skill level.  With a proven track record, Plex programs have helped to power thousands of individuals, from Super Bowl Champions to Olympic Gold Medalists, to young athletes just learning to play their first sport, to thousands of executives who still have a youthful passion and desire for overall health and well being.

Within those 15 years, Plex has built a clientele like no other.  In football alone, household names like Charles Woodson, Julius Peppers, Oliver Luck, Jake Matthews, Emanuel Sanders, Jadeveon Clowney, Michael Bennett, Haloti Ngata, Charles Tillman, Casey Hampton, Wes Welker, and too many others to name, have turned to Plex as their off-season home.


All of this has been possible because of the relentless effort from Plex’s Founder and Director, Danny Arnold.  Arnold, a former athlete himself, has always pursued for the most effective and efficient way to develop athletes.  His pursuit and approach has received much praise but has also raising some eyebrows.  Arnold, doesn’t settle for tradition, rather he challenges it.  He believes that you don’t just do things because we’ve always done it that way.  One of his biggest controversial contributions to athletic development is his belief that you do not have to lift heavy weights, (like most traditional strength and conditioning programs) in order to become strong and more powerful at your position.  To Arnold, range of motion, reaction, balance, and speed of an exercise play a bigger role to power than heavy weights. 

Arnold is now recognized as one of the world’s most innovative human performance experts.

His background in sports training and sports medicine, relationships with human performance experts, proven record with thousands of athletes PLEX has become one of the most sought after training destinations in the country for athletes at all levels.

Plex, located in the 4th largest city in the country, Houston, is equipped with a nationally recognized staff of performance specialists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, doctors, chiropractors, coaches, and former collegiate and professional athletes. Plex brings together a wide array of services to enhance and improve any athletes total physical well being. Whether an athlete is trying to get to the next level, a patient recovering from orthopedic surgery, an injured weekend warrior, or an executive athlete looking to address the effects of mental stress and physical challenges of the business world today, Plex has a customized solution to help them rise to the next level.

This year and Plex have teamed up to bring you all of the latest greatest training tips and “how to’s” to take your game to the next level.  Plex will also be talking about all of the latest in injury prevention and rehabilitation. So stay tuned to and be sure to hit the training tab at the top of the page to keep up with Danny and all of the crew at Plex.

“Danny and his program at Plex has helped us all tremendously! from making Jake be one of the best Offensive Lineman in the NFL, to making Luke be a high school All-American, to giving Bruce (Hall-of-Famer) a second athletic life.  No other guy or system is better then them.”

The Matthews (Jake Matthews/Falcons, Bruce Matthews/Hall-of-Famer, Luke Matthews/High School All-American and Texas A&M (commit).

“No question Danny Arnold has the best program for developing football players.  Since my days at UT, to my 12 years in the NFL, to even today, I trust Danny & Plex for all my athletic needs.  The greatest thing he did, is he made me stronger then anyone on the field, yet he always took care of my joints, I don’t know anyone else that could do that.”

Casey Hampton / Multiple Super Bowl Champion, Multiple All-Pro, UT & Galveston Ball product.

“Danny and Plex are second to none.  Their program is so well-rounded.  From the therapy to the performance and technical football training, they are it.”

Charles Woodson / Heisman Trophy Winner, Multiple All-Pro, NFL Commentator .

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