Preview of the 2016 Cibolo Steele Football Team

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By Mitch Stephens
No. 12 Steele (Cibolo, Texas)

There are teams to get excited about and then there are teams to just feel good about.

The 2016 Steele football team is a lot of both, said coach Scott Lehnhoff.

Starting his fourth season, the former head baseball coach has a strong pulse on this senior class, which hasn’t lost much over the last three seasons.

“They didn’t lose as freshmen, not many of them lost as sophomores and last season on varsity we were 14-1,” Lehnhoff said. “Lot of these guys had brothers who had a lot of success. It’s a special group. Tight-knit. There’s a lot of love among these kids. They have a chance to do something significant together this year.”

Beyond the deep camaraderie, these Knights have some talent.

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