Quarterbacks Can Improve Throwing By Developing a Stronger Trunk

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By Sammy Joseph

Quarterbacks face pass rushers these days that run like deers and look like transformers. It’s war for QBs out there and throwing the football is there AK-47, samuri sword, or whatever super hero weapon you may think of!

The Quarterback position requires athleticism like never before, forcing them to make awkward throws. Do you know how players like Aaron Rogers and Cam Newton make those throws look easy? By having a strong trunk!

What is your trunk and Why do you need a strong trunk?

Without making this an anatomy article, your trunk muscles help improve throwing the football. It allows your hips to turn and deliver the ball with velocity. Injury prevention is always a reason to have a strong trunk, it decreases chances for injury in hips and lower back.

Strengthen your core by implementing rotational and core endurance exercises. WHY? That’s what throwing the football is, rotating your torso over and over again.

How do I develop a stronger trunk?

Wood Choppers and rotational planks are core stability movements that decrease back pain and help throwing motions, and also farmers walks, a great exercise for core endurance.  

I know you are able throw a million passes at these 7 0n 7 tournaments but prepare better this summer by implementing detail training that helps take your game to another level.  

You wanna make better throws, develop a strong trunk! It’s worth it!


Photo by maxpreps.com

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