Recruit Analysis: Katy Taylor’s Max Wright

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Max Wright is a downright massive. The Taylor High defensive end stands at a height of 6’4” and weighs 275 pounds. With this frame, Wright is larger than most if any of his opponents and by the way he shucks defenders he seems to have figured out how to use that size to his advantage.

Max Wright’s play style is reminiscent of Cowboy’s great Randy “The Manster” White.

With the combination of his absolutely in-freakin’- credible upper body strength and his unrelenting drive, Wright surely strikes fear into any poor Offensive Lineman that crosses his path. What also impressed me about Wright was watching the improvement of his punch and hand placement from his Freshman year highlight tape to now, a metric ton of Defensive Lineman at the high school level figuring out the hand game, which is crucial at the next level.

To me, Wright looks like he will either be a 3-Tech in a 4-3 defense or a down 5-tech at the college level, this is because with his frame and agility, I can see him being competitive deep in the trenches or out on the edge.

A major flaw to Wright’s game and something he needs to improve upon throughout his Senior year is his pad level. Many a time Wright seems to stand straight up after the snap, due to his massive amount of strength he is able to overcome this and still punish his blockers, but be guaranteed that at the next level the same thing won’t fly. I am confident though that with the proper coaching Wright will be able to shuck this bad habit before the end of next December.

Overall, I think that Wright will be an incredible get for any school he chooses. As this year passes by it wouldn’t be surprising to see his offer list grow even more from its already impressive standing. All I know is, I can’t wait to see where Wright ends up next signing day.


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