Red Oak senior Coby Cavil goes viral with new COVID-19 “over the house” challenge

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With COVID-19 halting Spring practices and workouts, there have been creative ways athletes are staying in tip-top shape ahead of the summer and 2020 football season. One of the most incredible, yet, comes from a viral video posted on Twitter by Red Oak wide receiver Coby Cavil:

“At first, I was working out and everything, playing catch with the boys and all that. And then after that an idea just popped in my head.” The 5-foot-9 senior said in an interview.

In preparing for what is now coined as the “Over the house challenge”, Cavil made sure there was nothing in his way before running through the house. His plan was to “just run through it” as he threw the ball against the wind, over his house and ran as fast as he could to make the catch on the other side.

Cavil signed with the University of Louisiana Monroe and will join the team this fall at Malone Stadium. “They’re going to get everything I’ve got,” Cavil said. “I’m going to put on a show.”

There have been many other athletes around the country now attempting Cavil’s challenge to include Denton Ryan’s junior quarterback Seth Henigan:

Cavil doesn’t mind everyone taking to the internet to post their videos of attempting or completing the challenge. “I wouldn’t say they’re copycats,” Cavil said. “I’m just trying a new challenge and I hope everybody else does it.”

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