Texas HS Football Players Share Why They Love Football

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We have interviewed over 40 Texas High School football players so far this off-season.  In each interview, we ask them, “Why do you love football?  Here are a few of the responses from recent interview.


Carson Cruver, St. Michael’s Catholic Academy (Austin)


“I love being part of a team, being a leader on a team, and winning. Football has been my favorite sport since I was 4 years old, and now I’m thinking of football as a career because it’s my passion. As a player, and then maybe as a trainer or coach, or maybe in the front office or in sports media, I will hopefully be involved in the sport of football for a long time.”


Mikal Harrison-Pilot, Temple High School


“It’s fun, and I can be free. I can let out frustration if I’m having a bad day and it’s ok. I love hanging out with my teammates and building that culture with them. And there’s nothing like Friday Night Football in Texas. I really just love everything the game has done for me in my life.”


Austin Cumpton, Hawley High School

“Football has always been my thing since I was 7 years old playing mighty mights I’ve always looked up to people and NFL and dreamed of being them one day I grew up in a big family that did a lot of football and they always been by my side through all of it I’m now gonna be a junior and Ik all my family will be at every single game. My biggest dream is to play at the next level football especially at Division 1.Football has just always been apart of me and it just something that I’ve grown up with that always been my thing.its what I love to do and it what drives me to be better and it makes me a better person with my work ethic, friend, family, bonding, sacrifices all of It I’ve just always loved the game of football.”


Kaeden Smith, Manvel High School



“I love football because of the rush of the game and the brotherhood that comes along with it and of course WINNING!!!”













Nikolas Hall, Akins High School




“I love football because of the opportunities it provides for me on and off the field and I love to compete.”









Kent Battle, North Shore



“I love football because it’s my first love, when life gets me down or stressed I go to football, it’s kinda like my therapy an I feel like I have to grind an put in the work to make it for my family to make them proud like everything we do an did isn’t for nothing.”







Nash Baines, St. Michael’s Catholic Academy

“I love football because it is physically and mentally challenging and who doesn’t like a challenge.  The bond I’ve created with my teammates and coaches is undescribable. Lastly, the thrill I get from the moment I leave the field house, to my first step on the field, is something no one would understand unless they were in my shoes! Who wouldn’t love the game!”


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