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The TJ McAloon Show Ep. 6- Matt Swinney

The TJ McAloon Show
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This week, the T.J. McAloon show welcomes in the CEO of Austin Fashion Week, and lifelong University of Texas Longhorns fan, Matt Swinney. Matt has created one of the most sought after fashion shows in the United States in just a short time here in Austin.

Also, he shares a great story about watching Longhorns games with his grandfather and the three candles he’d have on his dining room table during the game. You will have to hear about what the color of the candles mean; and why he’d light a particular one for how the ‘Horns were playing.

Later in the show, Matt and I wonder why NFL and college coaches dress up in a full suit and tie when they get off of the bus; only to get changed into something completely different when they coach. And, why baseball coaches have to stuff their bodies into the same uniform that the players are wearing.

And finally, we ask the question, “would UT fans be happy if their team turned into the Texas A&M Aggies?” The point being, would you want to see your team storm out of the gates on fire going 6-0 only to seem them lose three of their next four?

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