The TJ McAloon Show Episode 7: KP Kelly and Zach Rymer

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The T.J. McAloon Show Christmas spectacular episode is an hour-long show that will hopefully help you out on your holiday travels; wherever you may be traveling to during the Christmas and Hanukkah time. First up is the social media guru KP Kelly. 

KP is in the midst of 100 marathons over 100 days as he is helping out charities during his travels. We also discuss how Twitter and Facebook helped shaped the 2016 Presidential election. With the rise of President-Elect Donald Trump through his tweets and Facebook posts, he was able to reach the public in a new way during his run to the White House. 

Also, we discuss how the conversation over social media has affected the way we watch sports. Twitter and Facebook have made watching NFL games much more interesting now that fans are able to communicate with anyone around the world. I ask KP if the NFL would ever move away from the traditional television markets and move to having all of their games streamed online.

After part one of the show, I invited on Bleacher Report’s lead baseball writer Zach Rymer to discuss Star Wars: Rogue One. If you have not seen the film there’s a break in between the parts to warn you about any spoilers. 

Zach and I have been doing Star Wars podcasts since the relaunch of the franchise with episode seven. We have separate view points on the spinoff film; so if you ended up hating or loving the movie you’ll agree with one of us. 

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