The TJ McAloon Show Episode 9 – Sean Shapiro And Adam Lowell

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The T.J. McAloon Show is back with its ninth episode with a two part podcast. Part one is with my former High School sports editor at the Austin American Statesman, and current Dallas Stars writer for Sean Shapiro and part two my New England Patriots lifelong fan, and neighbor, Adam Lowell.

Sean and I went heavy on how the high school football landscape has changed drastically in just the last five years. There have been schools that have been redistricted, and former powerhouses that have fallen on hard times. Plus, head coaches seem to be retiring every single day.
Sean and I also went into the world today that journalism is in; and if the need to be first is over riding the need to be right on a story. Lastly, there is hockey talk about the upcoming All Star Game.
Oh, and there’s something in there about the Dallas Cowboys that no one is talking about. This something may be related to what a team in their conference was punished for doing just last season.
Part two is a breakdown of the AFC Championship game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots. Adam and I go back through our history of our teams meeting each other in the 2001 and 2005 AFC title game; and how this is the first time that our quarterbacks are meeting since that ’05 game.
Thank you for listening, and you can download the show on our iTunes page by clicking here.


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