The TJ McAloon Show – Tony Romo’s Retirement

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The T.J. McAloon Show is back with an emergency podcast as now former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has announced he is leaving the NFL for CBS and its television booth. So with this huge breaking news, I had to reach out to someone who’s been on this podcast before, and covers the Cowboys, Stew Myrick.

Stew has been there for Romo’s entire career and has seen it all. He’s been around the team for all of Romo’s great comebacks, and he’s been there for his backbreaking interceptions when he tries to make a throw to win the game. We discuss where not only Romo goes from here, but where the Cowboys go to fill his backup role for Dak.

I asked Stew where Romo will be at when April 4th, 2018 rolls around. Because, there are three options where he could end up. Either A: back in the NFL, B: commentating for CBS as the Masters starts, or C: getting ready to play IN the Masters.

And, at the end of the podcast Stew and I talk about his week at the WWE’s annual event: WrestleMania. The Undertaker had his final match at this year’s event, and Stew was there to get his first-person report of the momentous event.


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Roundtable Discussion: Views On Tony Romo’s Retirement

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