Train for Faster Reaction Time on the Field

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By Sammy Joseph

Quarterbacks get all the hightlights, but Texans fans get treated to highlights from JJ Watt every Sunday.

On gameday, Watt becomes a superhero, with interceptions for TDs and being a nightmare for QBs.

Watt has talent, but his highlight reel comes from reacting faster than his opponents.

Create your own highlight reel by reacting faster on the football field!

Be a step ahead of your competition! Look for tendencies and improve your anticipation on the field.

Start by watching film. It is always a great way to find tendencies!

The way a wide receiver runs certain routes, a QB staring down WRs, these are tendencies that helps you react and play faster!

Peyton Manning has great timing with WRs, WHY? Manning watches film and trains to expect plays.

The tennis ball reaction drill helps players reaction speed.

Here is how you perform it:

  1. The reactor should lie face down or face up on the ground.
  2. Have your partner stand 5 or 10 yards away from you with one tennis ball in one hand.
  3. Have your partner drop the tennis ball; the reactor should then explode off the ground and catch the tennis ball on one bounce.

Train this drill on your speed days, and you will see your reaction speed improve.

There will always be a player faster, bigger, and stronger than you!

Train to react faster than your competition, and you will be valuable in every phase of football.

I know you have heard the phrase “SPEED KILLS!” a million times and  reaction speed is apart of that phrase!



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