This Year’s Aledo Team Is Up With The Best Ever Bearcats

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The Aledo Bearcats are just one win away from achieving the remarkable feat of winning their sixth state title in a span of eight seasons. With the Bearcats looking to further cement their legacy as one of the all-time great programs, their last objective remaining is Corpus Christi Calallen in the 5A Division II Final.

As winning traditions are built upon one successful season after another, it’s almost inevitable that the archives are examined to decide which team and year was the pinnacle of a dynasty. Though a few days remain until the state championship game is played and a final result is reached, where is exactly does this Aledo team rank among the great teams since 2009?

Aledo’s first title came in 1998, but it has been in the last couple of years that Aledo has dominated practically any and all competition. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 have all resulted in state championships with all the titles prior to 2014 coming under former head coach Tim Buchanan. Current head coach and former defensive coordinator during those years, Steve Wood, had his 2014 team win the title with a 15-1 record after defeating Temple 49-45. The team’s lone blemish in that season was a loss against Bishop Amat, an out-of-state school from California.

The other Aledo team that produced a one-loss state championship season was the 2009 team. The ensuing seasons that helped produce a three-peat for Aledo were during the tenure of one Johnathan Gray. Gray was able to post back-to-back seasons of rushing over 3,000 yards in 2010 and 2011. The

2010 season was Aledo’s first undefeated state championship run and held that distinct honor until the 2013 season came.

When examining the archives, the 2013 season could arguably be considered Aledo’s best season. Not only did it result in an undefeated season or the Bearcats but it also came with one distinction that no other high school program has ever accomplished: it’s the only team to ever score more than 1,000 points in a single season. Perhaps just as impressive is the fact that opposing teams scored only a total of 147 points against that team which averages to under 10 points a game.

So if Aledo captures the title this Saturday where and how will this year’s team compare to other teams from years past?

Only time will tell but the amount of talent and depth at each position is remarkable with names such as Dillon Davis, Jase McClellan, Michael Jordan, Donald Evans, Wes Harris and Chuck Filiaga headlining the Bearcats this season. If Friday results in favor of Aledo then their archives are sure to be examined even more.


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Jay Gibbs
Jay Gibbs
3 years ago

Do you see any chance of Aledo loosing?

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