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By: Staff Writers
November 21st, 2016



Region I

Roscoe – III

Seagraves – I

Advantage: Roscoe, three votes to one

Reasoning: Roscoe and Seagraves have already played, and it wasn’t pretty for Seagraves. Even though Seagraves has beaten a good Memphis team already, we aren’t sure that they can score enough to stay with Roscoe.

Wellington – II

Hamlin – II

Advantage: Push

Reasoning: Wellington and their massive lines are a force to be reckoned with, but Hamlin has come a long was since starting the season 1-2. This one will come down to the wire.

Region II

Iraan – II

Albany – II

Advantage: Push

Reasoning: There’s no way to pick a winner here. Both Iraan and Albany are finals round caliber teams, and there’s no clear way to predict how this one will end up.

Munday – II

Muenster – II

Advantage: Push

Reasoning: Munday might have flown a little bit under the radar for parts of this season, but there’s no escaping the Moguls now. They haven’t given up a point in the playoffs, and are barrelling into this clash with Muenster.

Region III

Maud – 0

Bremond – IIII

Advantage: Bremond, four votes to none

Reasoning: You couldn’t pay us any sum of money to pick against Bremond this year. They’re that good. This isn’t to diminish Maud, but Bremond is dominant.

Tenaha – IIII

Iola – 0

Advantage: Tenaha, four votes to one

Reasoning: Tenaha hasn’t just been winning their playoff games, they’ve been bludgeoning their opponents along the way.

Region IIII

Burton – II

Falls City – II

Advantage: Push

Reasoning: Falls City is better than their 8-4 record. Their only blowout loss was to Shiner, and the other games were games that they definitely had a chance to win in. They’re battle-tested, and will be a handful for a Burton team that’s had an easier road than some other teams.

Flatonia – I

Bruni – III

Advantage: Bruni, three votes to one

Reasoning: Flatonia has been on fire ever since their struggle of a start, but Bruni is a completely different animal than the teams they’ve faced in the playoffs so far.

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