Of the 11 Texas college football teams that can a bowl game, seven are eligible. The other four have no more than two wins. This week, the No. 1 team remains the same as the teams three-through-six are quite interchangeable.

1) TCU

The Horned Frogs looked great this past week. What’s even crazier about that sentence is they were missing multiple starters, on the road in Lubbock and held the fast-paced offense to three points. That’s impressive, and the first time in years it has been done in Lubbock. TCU showed it can hold its own when not playing arguably the best team in the country. It’s loss to Iowa State is hurting it, but TCU could still be the Big 12 champion.

2) UNT

UNT has found ways to continue impressing. This past week, it notched its eighth win of the season, the fifth time the school has had more than seven since the turn of the century. It’s had some trouble in the schedule, as it barely escaped UTSA and was devoured by Florida Atlantic earlier in the year. The Mean Green get one more chance against FAU though, in the C-USA championship game.

3) Houston

This team has been tough to read. It’s lost to the likes of Tulsa and Texas Tech, but beaten Memphis, Arizona and South Florida. Houston earns third in the state becuase its record (6-4, 4-3) is only worse than Texas A&M. But it’s got better wins than the Aggies do.

4) Texas A&M

The Aggies have spelt trouble all year. It doesn’t mean they’ve been great just because its the fourth team in our rankings of the state. The Aggies have beaten who they’re supposed to. Arkansas, Lafayette, Florida, Ole Miss and the rest are some good names, but most are on down years or interim coaches. Texas A&M has had a few good games, as it lost by eight to Alabama. But games like the UCLA comeback and double-digit losses to Mississippi State and Auburn are keeping this team back. Injuries have hurt them, but they’re still bowl eligible at 7-4.


They had such a great start, it’s hard to see the Roadrunners confuse themselves each week. The defense in San Antonio is alive and well, as it holds opponents to 11.5 points in wins. Losses, it allows 24.5. That’s still not as bad and it would have two more wins if its offense was awake at all. Maybe even three had it lucked out against UNT in the 29-26 loss.

6) Texas

The Longhorns are back. Back in a bowl game after last weeks win in Morgantown. The big win comes with a bit of an asterisk after Will Greir went out with a broken finger, but it’s still a win. The offense has the same issue as UTSA in the sense of not showing up sometimes. But the defense is able to keep big offenses at bay.

7) SMU

SMU is 2-2 over Texas teams (including SFA). It’s two wins are SFA and UNT. But it’s two losses are pretty bad. SMU has lost its last three games after starting 6-2. Now at 6-5, if enough teams win this week, could be a bubble team for a bowl.

8) Texas Tech

The Red Raiders could be under six wins for the second time in a row if they don’t beat Texas this week. The offense has looked anemic at times this year, especially when up against top defenses. There’s a lot of issues on this team, and it seems as if no one has any answers.

9) Texas State

Texas State has not been good all year. It’s two wins are against below average teams and the losses have been ugly. This week, they play Troy (8-2), which could give the Bobcats its third two-win season in a row. They haven’t won more than three since 2014.

10) Baylor

Everyone knew it would be rough in the first year under Matt Rhule. Some probably didn’t know it would be this rough, though. Baylor hasn’t been able to provide one upset this year, as its only win came against Kansas. Last weeks loss to Iowa State put them to 1-9. The Bears have one more chance, as it takes on TCU this week.

11) Rice

The one team without a win is the only team the Owls have beaten. The Owls almost came back last week, but ended up losing by three. It’s last chance to dig itself out of the cellar would be against North Texas this week.

12) UTEP

This team has been praised as maybe the worst in the country, so it’s no surprise it’s the worst on this list. UTEP has only scored more than 14 twice this season. With UAB on the board for the last game of the year, they have nothing to play for except respect.



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