3 Reasons Why West Orange-Stark Could Win State Again This Year

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By Ashleigh Arnaud
August 29, 2016


1. Jack Dallas

Photo by Ashleigh Arnaud
Photo by Ashleigh Arnaud

Dallas is a very cool, calm, and collected quarterback. You can tell he is experienced and knows how to lead his team. He had a pretty decent outing in week one with their 42-0 win over Nederland (5A). He ended up with 167 yards and a 55% completion rating.

2. Defense

Photo by Ashleigh Arnaud
Photo by Ashleigh Arnaud

Their defense is outstanding, especially with top recruits like Morris Joseph, Justin Brown, Jarron Morris, Keyshawn Holman, and Malick Phillips. Brown and Phillips both had an interception in the game against Nederland. During that game the defense only allowed Nederland to get 80 net yards.

3. They score quick.

Photo by Ashleigh Arnaud
Photo by Ashleigh Arnaud

In week one against Nederland their time of possession was only 18:57 and the score was 42-0. That’s pretty impressive. If Nederland’s defense wouldn’t have stopped them 4 out of the 13 times it could have been a lot worse.

With the game against Nederland being their 100th shutout in program history I caught up with head coach Cornel Thompson to ask him how West Orange-Stark has been able to be so dominate for the past several years.

“Well we have had good players. You know I have always said this you’re not going to win the Kentucky derby with a mule. We have had guys who can run and play the game and like to play the game. That is what is going on in Orange,TX. Again this year, we have five players on the team who their daddy played for us in the 80s or 90s so the tradition and the want to be a mustang is going strong. If they could have worn a silver helmet to elementary class they would have because that is everyone’s hope one day, to play Varsity football and be able to wear a silver helmet.”

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