Aaron Jones Ready To Show Off What He Can Do At NFL Combine

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Hectic. Tiring. Stressful. Those are some of the words that players are using to describe the days-long job interview that is the NFL Combine. However, former UTEP and El Paso Burges running back Aaron Jones is just trying to enjoy the process.

“It’s been a great experience so far,” Jones said, “People have said the process is tiring but I haven’t felt any of it. I’ve just been trying to take it all in.”

It’s been a very busy last couple of days for Jones, going through team interviews the last couple of days and the media session on Thursday. With the schedule, it doesn’t leave much time to relax. That said, he’s heeding the advice from his coaches and focusing on what he can control.

“They tell me just to stay focused. You’ve been doing this your whole life. Don’t change anything you do and just be yourself.”

Jones said that the interview process has gone well. Teams have gotten a chance to get to know him and is confident about sharing his knowledge, especially on pass protection saying, “I feel like I knock it out of the park.” As for his speed, Jones is aiming for a sub-4.5 40 time in Friday’s 40-yard dash.

Beyond the 40-times and the bench press and all the other measurables, there is another opportunity that he’s embracing: be one of two players in 2017 representing UTEP and El Paso in Indianapolis.

“It means a lot. You don’t see too many people who went to high school in El Paso and played at UTEP get invited to the combine. A lot of guys there have been looking up to me and giving me a lot of support from my family, friends, and the whole community.”

Jones said back in January that he had been projected as a third to fifth round pick and that still may be the case. He just wants to show teams one thing on Friday.

“I want to prove that I belong.”


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