Baylor Schedules Oregon For 2027 And 2028 Seasons

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There’s been plenty of earned criticism of Baylor over the past few years about their nonconference scheduling. The Bears have routinely pummeled lesser teams by anywhere from 50-60 points, earning them the ire of others who say that those numbers are inflated.

According to, the Bears got a good one. They’ll play Oregon in the 2027 and the 2028 seasons.

Now, there’s reason for skepticism with this. There’s no telling how good Oregon will be in 10 years, or how good Baylor will be in 10 years. At the very least, the Bears have scheduled an FBS opponent, which is definitely good enough to shun critique.

It won’t be Oregon’s first foray into the wild, wooly world of Big 12 offenses, the Ducks have Texas Tech on the schedule for the 2023 and 2024 seasons.


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