Baylor’s Offense Will Attempt To Retain Explosion Under New Direction

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Well, one thing that you can say about the Baylor of the past is that their offense was ridiculously explosive. From Robert Griffin III onward, Baylor QBs challenged entrenched blueblood program quarterbacks statistically. With Art Briles gone, many have wondered where they Baylor offense will go under new defensive-minded head coach Matt Rhule. Anyone who thinks that Rhule and co-OC Jeff Nixon will slow it down is crazy.

“I think it’s going to be much like coach Rhule said,” said Nixon at the THSCA Coach’s Convention. “With the personnel that we have, you’re going to see a lot of similar things on offense that Baylor did before, coach Briles and the staff, obviously they were a really explosive offense, Baylor was known as an offensive football team, we’re going to have some of those same spread concepts. We like to change our personnel and be able to line up with two tight ends, you know, and a fullback as well.”

While the Bears definitely did hit those deep passes and scored a lot of points, a massive chunk of their yardage came on the ground as well. The difference will be in the actual lineup, Baylor will still run dive plays at the A gaps, just not from an all-shotgun offense.

Baylor will be without bruising running back Terence Williams at the beginning of the season, but that shouldn’t slow them down too much. The Bears always seem to be plug-and-play at the tailback position, and the subpar rushing defenses of the Big 12 and their less than strong non-conference schedule should be fairly easy to get past.

“We plan on doing big things on offense,” said Nixon. “There’s plenty of ways to score points, we’re going to be versatile, and like I said, we still plan on playing winning football on offense.”


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