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Player Spotlight

Player Spotlight: Blake Frazier

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Blake Frazier


Position: OT

Height: 6’6 / Weight: 270

Number: 77


What was the highlight of your 2022 football season?

Any of the last 3 playoff games we had were definitely the highlight of the 2022 season for me. Beating Dripping Springs in the 4th round after they beat us in the first game of the year was an amazing feeling. Beating Katy in the 5th round was insane because it really let people know who we were and what we were about. Katy is a big name school, and lots of people track their season, so when we get to beat a team like that, it’s huge. Although we lost in the State Championship, it was amazing to be able to play in an atmosphere like that. I also think it really helped the program in terms of growth because it will help our teams in the future know that our program can do it.

 What was the biggest challenge you or your team had to overcome this season?

I think losing the first game of the year to Dripping Springs was the biggest challenge we had to overcome. We didn’t play good football and I think although it sucked, losing was probably the best thing for us last year. We figured out what went wrong, and we fixed it. I genuinely think the season would have looked a lot different had we won that first game.

 If you could give advice to an incoming freshmen football player, what would it be?

Don’t give it up. Football is a hard sport and I don’t think some people realize how much work goes into playing it. Football cannot be a second sport to anyone. It’s a lifestyle, and almost any decision you make can affect how you play. So even when times get tough, keep pushing because it’s the best feeling in the world to win with your team.

 If you had to go to an island and only bring 3 things, what would you bring?

 An axe, a cooking pot, and a tarp.

Who is your favorite NFL Team?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

 Who is your favorite NFL Player? 

Tristan Wirfs

What is your go-to pre-game pump-up song? 

Intro by Meek Mill

Why do you love football?

Because football has never let me down. It’s a sport that gives back as much as you give it. 


Follow Blake on Twitter: @_BlakeFrazier

Visit his Hudl 

CLICK HERE to listen to the Texas HS Football Podcast, with Taylor Arenz

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